Mar 25, 2012

The new iPad

I’ve had one of these brand new and ‘resolutionary’ devices for a few days now and I have to say that I am quite impressed. I’ve never owned an iPad before this and I can now see what the appeal is – especially with this super high-res display.

The 3rd gen iPad may not be able to facilitate more tasks than the iPad 2 but there’s no doubt that it does everything just a little bit better thanks to the new Retina display. For example, browsing through your social feeds or news content on Flipboard is a completely different experience. it’s so easy to forget that you’re looking at an LCD screen. Instead, you get fully immersed into the content.

Watching HD videos on YouTube is a whole new experience – It’s like having a personal HDTV on the go(probably because that’s not far from the truth)… Unfortunately though, the lower quality videos look as bad as the HD ones look good on the new screen… But that’s a trade-off I can live with.

As I’ve invested in the WiFi-only model, I can’t say anything about the 4G/LTE capabilities. Nor have I taken many photos with the new iSight camera to really have a strong opinion on it, I’m sure it’s perfectly adequate. But then again, the iPad is not the go-to device for photography for most people. It’s still good to know that the capability is there if you need it.

Coming from a few months of using a PlayBook, I can definitely admit that the iPad is by-far the better equipped and more user-friendly tablet. While most other tablet manufacturers are focused on the on-paper hardware specs, Apple has decided to focus all their time and energy on end-user experience (and marketing of course)… Needless to say, this strategy has served them very well in the recent past – and I suspect the trends will continue in the foreseeable future. No matter how good the hardware is, if you don’t have a robust OS and high quality apps, it will be an uphill battle through-and-through. Android tablets are coming close, but the PlayBook OS still needs to be tightened up to go up against the two giants. Also, just over the horizon is Windows 8, which is poised to be somewhere in the top 3 spots right out the gates.. It’s critical that BlackBerry’s next OS (BB10) can hold its own against the big boys. It must feel polished and refined to be considered worthwhile.

In an upcoming post, I will looking into productivity apps… Specifically note-taking, wireframing, and blogging apps.

P.S. This post was written entirely using the WordPress app on the new iPad (3rd gen.)